Take death

Martin Grütter: Allheilmittel für Orchester mit Klavier und Hyperklavier (2017) UA

Bernhard Gander: Take Death für 20 Instrumente & DJ (2013)


Impulsvortrag von Christina Weiss (ehemalige Kulturstaatsministerin)

Martin Matalon: Spinning Lines für Klarinette, Horn, Violine, Orchester und Elektronik (2017) UA

Ensemble Modern Orchestra, Ilan Volkov (Dirigent), Patrick Pulsinger (DJ), Jaan Bossier (Klarinette), Saar Berger (Horn), Jagdish Mistry (Violine), Norbert Ommer (Klangregie)

Hessischer Rundfunk, hr-Sendesaal

The net has been cast. Tangled within, we find extreme sounds, the most rapid of figures, huge swarms of chords. The danger of ripping is high, and it happens. Martin Grütter’s hyperpiano uses clever tricks to slip through the orchestra’s mesh. In »Spinning Lines«, Martin Matalon weaves a completely different textile: a multi-perspective embrace of the immense sound-space with threads of many colours and densities. The web of threads woven by Bernhard Gander, on the other hand, sounds blood-red, as within it, Stravinsky, Metal Music and a DJ sacrifice each other. The borders are open.

A conversation with conductor Ilan Volkov:


Supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Followed by Pink Sofa


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