About the seminar

The International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA), made possible through financing by the Allianz Kulturstiftung since 2004, is still a unique project worldwide. The seminar offers composers and conductors a unique opportunity to develop a piece within a professional and international context. With their many years of experience as instrumentalists, the members of the Ensemble Modern provide invaluable support to four to six young composers in their creative process. During the first »try-out« phase, composers can experiment with and develop their compositional ideas in conjunction with the musicians. In a second phase the complete pieces are then thoroughly rehearsed and performed. This two-part opportunity of working together has remained unique to this day. Since 2011, the International Composition Seminar has been integrated into the festival »cresc... Biennale für Moderne Musik Frankfurt Rhein Main«, a fact that offers the additional possibility of more sustainable dissemination of the resulting compositions.

The five works emerging from the 8th International Composition Seminar 2017 focusing on the same theme as cresc... – »TRANSIT«. Enno Poppe conducts Ensemble Modern in five world premieres by Matej Bonin, Andreas Eduardo Frank, Malte Giesen, Vladimir Gorlinsky and Ole Hübner, some of which touch upon the open interfaces of musical styles. Genres once perceived as total opposites merge in new alliances – as the sounds occurring in the concert hall often transcend the stage. Spaces are traversed in the same way as worlds, both musical and geographic-social, for example when soundscape fragments from Istanbul or Beijing are blended into the instrumental textures as atmospheric original sounds.


In cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.