Thomas Lehn

Thomas Lehn studied to be a recording engineer and pianist at the music academies in Detmold and Cologne from 1979 to 1987. As part of various chamber music ensembles, he dedicated himself to the classical-romantic repertoire at first, subsequently focusing on the interpretation of contemporary music.
Since the early 1990s, Lehn has developed individual forms of expression in the field of live electronic music, working mainly with analogous synthesizer systems which enable him to act and react directly within the structural and shaping process of music performed live.

As a synthesizer player, he has interpreted solo works by Boguslaw Schaeffer and Éliane Radigue as well as ensemble compositions by Peter Jakober and Anthony Pateras, including collaborations with the ensemble]h[iatus and Klangforum Vienna.
Thomas Lehn is a founding member of the electronic orchestra MIMEO and of ensemble]h[iatus as well as several long-running ensembles such as KONK PACK, THERMAL, TOOT, LEHN/SCHMICKLER, BERTONCINI/LEHN etc. His artistic output is documented on ca. 90 recordings.

25. November 2017, 9 PM: Tectonics Mosaic II