Tamara Bacci

Tamara Bacci (CH) studied classical ballet und contemporary dance at Ballet Junior de Genève, directed by Beatriz Consuelo. She danced at Deutsche Oper Berlin, at Bejart Ballet Lausanne, at NDT/kylian, and with Compagnie Linga. Since 2003, she has danced with Foofwa d'Immobilité, Thomas Lebrun, Ken Ossola, Juan Dominguez, Gilles Jobin, Estelle Héritier, Perrine Valli, and Cie Quivala.

During 11 years, she has developed a special affinity with choreographer Cindy Van Acker. Bacci has also worked with theatre directors Romeo Castellucci, Pascal Rambert, Guillaume Béguin, and Fabrice Gorgerat. She’s the actress in Jean Gabriel Perriot’s short movie »Si jamais nous devons disparaître ce sera...«, together with Michel Cloup Duo. She created »171/174« with choreographer Ken Ossola, and »Laissez moi danser« with Marthe Krummenacher and Perrine Valli. She teaches at Ballet Junior de Genève, HETSR in Lausanne, Conservatoire de Genève, and for different professional companies. She does yoga research with Jean Lechim in Lausanne. Her project »Sull’Ultimo movimento« was the opener for the dance season 2017/18 of Geneva’s Association pour la Danse Contemporaine (ADC). In October 2017, she received the prestigious Swiss Dance Prize for »Outstanding Female Artist«.

22. November 2017, 9 PM: Hyperion – Higher States, Part 2