Martin Grütter

Martin Grütter, born 1983, studied composition and electronic music in Berlin und Frankfurt.
His works are performed throughout the world by leading musicians like Ensemble Modern or Ensemble Intercontemporain at festivals like Wittener Tage, Klangspuren Schwaz, Bregenzer Festspiele or MATA festival New York. He was awarded several prizes and scholarships (e. g. by Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Senate of Berlin, IEMA, Mahler composition contest 2010, Ligeti composition contest 2007). Since 2011 he has been artistic director of »Schwelbrand« festival.

Martin Grütter’s music deals with virtuosity, performance, irony, madness, rhythm, and speech. His compositions comprise solo, ensemble, orchestral, and vocal pieces, music theatre and electronic music. He lives and works in Berlin.

24. November 2017, 6.30 PM: Woher/Musik/Wohin – Roundtable

24. November 2017, 8 PM: Take Death