Bridges - Musik verbindet

»Bridges – music connects« is an intercultural music initiative based in Frankfurt am Main. It connects refugee and local musicians – so strangers become friends. Bridges engages in a musical dialogue based on cultural diversities and backgrounds. As a result a new special sound has been created which can now be appreciated in concert.

At Bridges more than 80 professional musicians from nine countries all over the world play together - about half of them had to flee from their homes. By means of this project they can integrate their talents and potentials into society and perhaps secure their professional future. Besides, local musicians also profit from these, so far unknown, musical influences: a new musical sound has been created which will be a special experience to all listeners. This project brings enrichment to both sides, musicians and audience as a result.

Bridges shows that such cultural diversity has great creative potential while connecting people through music at the same time. Not only does it enable us to learn more about ourselves and our cultural heritage as well as that of other ethnic groups, it also means understanding without speaking the same language.
Bridges sets an example of how to materialize and live out integration. It has been a successful initiative, which proves that if you are prepared to meet each other with an open heart and an open mind and the will to understand and help, you can contribute to society in a positive way.
There are now eight permanent intercultural ensembles within the project. Ranging from classical music with persian or arabic roots, from folksongs to world-music, European classics, or jazz and film-music, Bridges offers these ensembles the opportunity of creating their specific sounds.

The Bridges team also provides the financial framework and organizes locations for the musicians to meet, compose and rehearse. After the première of Bridges in April 2016 in the concert hall of Hessischer Rundfunk there have been about a hundred requests for performances throughout the Hessen region of Germany.

23. November 2017, 17.00 Uhr: Crossing Roads I

23. November 2017, 18.00 Uhr: Crossing Roads II